The World-Class Mega Multi-Faceted Development proudly presented by The Mall Group is THE EM DISTRICT. The world’s first collaborative shopping complexes combine three world-class retail projects include THE EMPORIUM, THE EMQUARTIER, AND THE EMSPHERE, embracing 50 rais adjacent to the Benchasiri Park. The combined area of 650,000 square meters is located in The Epicenter of Bangkok, with a unique and modern use of spaces developed strategically with the concept of the Creative Economy. The projects consist of business centers, trading hubs, luxury fashion destinations, art, technology, lifestyle, living, and dining from over 1,000 leading brands from Thailand and around the world.

In addition to being a significant retail destination, the inclusion of The Iconic District of Retail, Business, Office, Residential, and Entertainment is the secret to success. THE EM DISTRICT will play a large part in elevating Bangkok into a role model metropolis and spearheading the economic and social growth of the nation to move forward with innovation and sustainability.

THE EMSPHERE is the latest piece of the puzzle that fulfills THE EM DISTRICT to perfection, under the concept of “Future Retail” that will gather the latest trends, immersive experiences and futuristic lifestyle in an area spanning over 200,000 square meters and an investment of over 15,000 million baht.

THE EMSPHERE is Future Retail, offering the retail experience of the future. Priding itself as the Sleepless Metropolis that offers the best entertainments, immersive experiences and innovations, also including the limited-time releases of not-to-be-missed items. Combining the strengths of the three shopping complexes, THE EM DISTRICT will become the retail hubs that can cater to the needs of all customers. The expected project completion and opening date are in December 2023.