5 Things You Should Know About UOB LIVE

March 15, 2024
Thailand's vibrant music scene welcomes world-class artists at UOB LIVE Bangkok, a new state-of-the-art venue by AEG, The Mall Group, and UOB.

Whether you are a concert goer or an event organizer, let’s take a look at 5 things you should know about UOB LIVE, to prepare for all the exciting concerts and upcoming events in the near future!

UOB LIVE: Unbeatable location, nestled in the heart of Bangkok

Music lovers and entertainment seekers, rejoice! Nestled in the city’s vibrant heart, UOB LIVE, a brand-new, cutting-edge venue awaits on the 6th floor of EMSPHERE. The venue boasts access for all commute options, be it public or private, with over 1,500 parking spaces at EMSPHERE and over 3,600 parking spaces within the EM District and neighboring hotels. Visitors can also access UOB LIVE simply by BTS Skytrain, Phrom Phong Station, with a convenient skywalk that reaches the entrance of EMSPHERE in just a few minutes.

UOB LIVE: Live your dream concert experience: Get closer to your favorite artists

Get ready to rock, chill, or simply sit back and be amazed at UOB LIVE! This versatile venue adapts to any concert style, from electrifying rock shows in its 6,000+ full-standing mode to intimate indie gigs in Theatre Mode with a mix of standing and seating for over 4,000 fans.

But UOB LIVE isn’t just about flexibility. Its unique square design (spanning a massive 4,264 square meters!) ensures every seat offers an unforgettable audio-visual experience. Imagine crystal-clear sound, dazzling lights, and heart-pounding energy surrounding you, no matter where you sit. You’ll feel so close to the action, your favorite artists will practically be within reach!

UOB LIVE: Every event is possible at UOB LIVE.

Forget just concerts! UOB LIVE isn’t just Bangkok’s hottest venue, it’s a total entertainment game-changer. This innovative space redefines your experience with its flexible, chameleon-like hall that shapes-shifts to accommodate any events.

The Pre-Function Hall, with a space of 1,498.5 sqm is a flexible welcome area, that greets you before that main event. Once you are within the heart of the action, the Main Hall then transforms seamlessly to match any event needs. Want a glittering gala? Choose Banquet Mode with 1,560+ seats at round tables. Need an exhibition space? Exhibition Mode fits 218+ booths. Need to host a grand seminar? Theater Mode seats 4,000+. Or unleash the energy with Full Standing Mode for concerts, fashion shows, or even car showcases!

There’s also a dedicated team of Back-of-House Support that is there to make sure that everything runs smoothly. On-site, you can find a dedicated kitchen, stockroom, guest lounge, dressing rooms, and even a large-sized elevator for auto show.

UOB LIVE: See, hear and feel the difference with world-class lighting, sound and safety systems!

Forget bland event spaces! UOB LIVE elevates your experience with three pillars: immersive sound, dazzling lights, and unwavering safety. Immerse yourself in the legendary L-Acoustics K2 sound system, renowned for its crystal-clear acoustics used in large-scale international concerts. Experts and fans agree it’s the best, guaranteeing you’ll hear every note as the artist intended.

But safety isn’t an afterthought. UOB LIVE adheres to rigorous international standards, with a highly trained staff and cutting-edge equipment. Relax, enjoy, and be safe – that’s the UOB LIVE experience, crafted with unforgettable moments and utmost care.

UOB LIVE: A new era of entertainment that never stops!

UOB LIVE isn’t just about the show – it’s about an entirely elevated experience. Beyond the stage lies a world of fun and discovery thanks to EMSPHERE’s cutting-edge Future Retail concept.

Imagine indulging in a retail therapy spree across fashion, beauty, tech, lifestyle, and home decor – all under one roof. World-renowned restaurants tempt your taste buds, while vibrant nightlife at Tribe Sky Beach Club creates unforgettable memories for Thais and foreigners alike. This seamless blend of shopping, dining, and entertainment isn’t just an add-on, it’s an integral part of your UOB LIVE journey.

UOB LIVE is ready to take you to a new era of entertainment, with a list of world-class artists lined up to impress fans. Starting off with the grand opening act from global superstar, Ed Sheeran, and followed by a concert tour from Thailand’s leading rock band, Slot Machine. Fans can also look forward to other events, such as the legendary Tom Jones: Ages & Stage Tour – Bangkok, on March 14, 2024, and the est Cola Presents Jeff Satur: Space Shuttle No.8 Asia Tour in Bangkok on April 20, 2024; as well as other exciting lineups from UOB LIVE on the way.

For more information about UOB LIVE and upcoming events, visit https://www.uoblive.asia/ or follow @uoblive_bangkok on Instagram, @UOBLIVEBANGKOK on Twitter, and UOB LIVE Bangkok on Facebook.

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